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3t Energy Group CEO gives an exclusive interview to OGV Energy

The acquisition introduces marine and major emergency management training services to the Group, extending its capability to service customers’ requirements. We speak to 3t Energy Group CEO, Kevin Franklin, about his views on today’s training industry, set against the context of a global pandemic and as the energy transition continues to gather pace.

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What does this acquisition of Petrofac training centres mean for 3t Energy Group?

Fundamentally, we are in a stronger position to help us deliver a wider array of products and solutions to our customers. Petrofac Training is a high-quality business with a strong reputation in the marketplace, and it has highly experienced and passionate people behind the brand. The acquisition brings with it a new, diverse client base. As service excellence is something we are passionate about, bringing our high standards and the wider 3t offering to those customers is a really exciting opportunity.

The acquisition brings marine training capability to the Group, which we didn’t have previously; it also brings a much deeper capability in terms of emergency response management, consolidating the number one position we have already achieved in the UK energy training market.

Likewise, the acquisition opens up existing Petrofac customers to an increased service capability, particularly in terms of our e-learning, virtual learning, video  learning and virtual reality. If this is something relevant to them (Which is increasingly likely in today’s landscape) obviously that’s something that we’re able to provide and we’re keen to do that.

As we move towards the energy transition and a more sustainable energy future, how do 3t Energy Group’s products help the workforce of the sector to prepare for this?

More and more frequently, we notice delegates coming through our doors who are retraining to evolve and enhance their skills, and we have always been a supporter of this. We want to follow our customers on their journey as they evolve their own business models  around  Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards, carbon reduction and net zero commitments. Being market leaders in renewables training, we have the expertise and capabilities to support all their needs, and we work in close partnership with our customers to ensure the highest level of compliance and competence.

How do you see the training industry within the energy sector evolving over the next 3-5 years? – Will there be more investment in remote learning products?

I think there’s going to be an interesting journey ahead in terms of how the industry evolves and therefore the provision of training. It is vital that we follow both the sector and our customers on this journey, in order to understand how we can best support them with their commitments towards carbon reduction.

I would also see the deployment of technology increasing to provide the right learning outcomes, in order to be able to deliver a safer, smarter workforce. As far as remote learning goes, we already offer e-learning, video learning, virtual reality and other options to our customers, and as technology advances, we want to remain on the ball and be able to offer our clients the best and most up-to-date training services.

As a Group, we continuously invest in our technology, facilities and course capabilities, offering an extensive portfolio of market leading and specialist training, from oil and gas to renewables, under one roof.

Following the last 12 months, how has the global pandemic affected 3t Energy Group, and have you adapted your offering?

I think that we’ve come out of the pandemic stronger. We were the first in our sector to reopen back in May last year under COVID- compliant regulations and were  quick  to react and have the correct protocols in place. We have now increased PPE and operate temperature checks at point-of-entry at all of our facilities, as well as introducing reduced capacity in classrooms. Throughout, it has been paramount for us to remain focused upon an optimum experience for the delegates.

I would definitely say that there is an increased appetite for cloud-based technology solutions in the delivery and management of training. Particularly around Well Control and compliance aspects, we have deployed over one hundred licenses globally to our international clients. We were able to continue developing – and in fact accelerate the products during the pandemic, because we could see that the demand would be there.

Being highly committed to continuously advancing our technology offering, and quickly reacting to the trend, we moved our simulation product to the cloud and were able to quickly roll this out to the international market.

We have deepened the content in terms of technology, provided increased learnings and expanded our capability, particularly in Aberdeen, around our renewables training, as we help accelerate a smooth, efficient energy transition.