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3t’s training division celebrates landmark apprenticeship results

Leading provider of high-impact training and learning solutions to safety-critical industries, 3t is celebrating the success of five D.A.L.E.S. Utilities Civils and Plant apprentices completing their End Point Assessment for their Gas Network Operative (GNO) Apprentice Programme, developed by EU Skills.

A crucial result for futureproofing the gas distribution industry in the UK, the recent programme saw five Yorkshire-based apprentices successfully take part in 3t’s training course, with one learner passing with Distinction. Specialising in gas distribution and transmission, the GNO apprenticeship prepares learners for a career in the Utilities sector.

An SME in the gas distribution sector, D.A.L.E.S. completes a diverse variety of contracts improving and replacing existing gas networks for various asset owners. Based in Doncaster, D.A.L.E.S.’, is a key employer within the region. Contributing to upskilling local workforces, the success of the GNO Apprentice Programme is the latest example of 3t’s support to futureproof operations within the gas distribution sector.


Head of Employer Engagement for 3t’s Training Services division in Manchester, Tom Beetham commented:

“With operators across industries all facing issues surrounding skills shortages and talent retention, we’re all aware of the challenges ahead so it’s more important than ever to celebrate wins and successes like this.

Smaller SMEs like D.A.L.E.S. need recognition for the part they play in helping to support the future of the industry, creating the next generation of workforce who have the skills, knowledge, and qualifications for a prosperous future across utilities.”


Following his participation in the programme, apprentice Daniel Sanderson said:

“After struggling academically in school, it was clear that my strength was in hands-on work. But without the qualifications, barriers were preventing me from breaking into the engineering industry.

I knew about Dales Plant from my local area and had heard a lot about the contribution its CEO, Shane Yarrow, makes to the local community and the job opportunities the Plant provides. Allowing me to enrol on a GNO apprenticeship delivered by 3t Training Services, Shane, along with the 3t team, gave me the chance and supported me to take the step into a new career path. The training experience that 3t provided was fantastic, allowing me to develop and gain vital new skills to forge a career whilst supporting local industry.”


Previously Utility and Construction Training LTD, following its acquisition last year by 3t (previously 3t Energy Group), the utilities and construction training specialist now operates as part of 3t’s rebranded Training Services division (previously AIS Survivex), which is responsible for training 125k delegates every year.

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