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Drilling Systems featured on Channel 5’s ‘Building the Impossible’

Drilling Systems – As seen on TV!

Exploring the ingenuity behind the most innovative designs, Channel 5’s ‘Building the Impossible’ documentary series uncovers the hidden and overlooked stories across a variety of industries. For the season 3 premiere, the series took a deep dive into the history of oil and gas in the North Sea and how the industry is developing to meet evolving commercial needs. 

This exploration of the oil and gas industry took the show to Robert Gordon University where presenter, Rob Bell, met with Drilling Systems’ Drilling and Well Control Manager, Alan Soutter, to take a look at our impressive DrillSIM:6000. 

Discussing the many benefits of using advanced simulator solutions and how they reduce risk whilst improving safety and personnel confidence, Alan demonstrated how our world-leading drilling simulators are digitally and accurately replicating in-field operations to transform training and workforce competence throughout the industry. 

An example of the work we do with academic institutions, our relationship with Robert Gordon University, one of Scotland’s leading universities, demonstrates our commitment to ensuring students who will be emerging into the energy industry are well-trained, highly competent, and well-equipped to tackle whatever comes their way.  

By supporting students with our industry-accredited solutions and by supplying our latest enhanced simulator technology designed for academia, like the DrillSIM:6000, we are ensuring that students have access to everything they need to gain vital experience and confidence in a safe and manageable environment, under the guide of experienced assessors like Alan Soutter. 

An IWCF-accredited instructor and assessor, Alan has been with Drilling Systems and AIS Survivex for over five years, applying his vast industry knowledge and experience to the next generation of experts. On hand to support and help students within the RGU facilities, whilst also guiding areas to target and develop within the simulators for a more immersive experience, Alan’s insight and experience allow him to get the best out of the students he works with. 

You can watch the full episode of Channel 5’s ‘Building the Impossible’ here:

(Credit: October Films, Ch5 and ‘Building the Impossible’) 

If you want to find out more about the DrillSIM:6000, make an enquiry, or discover our full range of simulators, you can do so by contacting the Drilling Systems team here.