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Medical appointments for HGV drivers move into the fast lane at AIS Survivex Newcastle

Lorry drivers who need medical certification in a hurry can now access affordable, last-minute doctor appointments in Newcastle thanks to leading training provider, AIS Survivex.

Safety on the roads is paramount and anyone with an HGV licence who drives large commercial vehicles needs a D4 Medical Examination Report completed by a doctor to show they are medically fit to drive. With many GPs no longer offering this service, some HGV licence-holders could be left wondering where they can get a D4 Examination quickly.

The training provider recently employed a full-time team of medical professionals, including an in-house doctor, to increase the number of medical appointments it offers at its North Shields-based training centre. As well as providing medical certification for industries such as oil and gas and renewables, this includes HGV Medicals.

AIS Survivex has an outstanding track record in this arena, having successfully run an in-house Medical Centre at its Aberdeen training centre since 2016. Adding additional locations and more medical personnel brings greater choice and more availability for those requiring medical certification, whether that is an individual looking for an appointment or certifying an entire fleet.

Dr Maria Jackson, who heads up the Newcastle Medical Centre at AIS Survivex, said:

“Roads present an inherent risk, and it is critical that anyone driving is fit and healthy to do so. HGV licence holders are legally required by the DVLA to provide a D4 Medical Report completed by a doctor and this is something that AIS Survivex can offer quickly due to our new in-house medical team.

“I’m personally extremely experienced in this area having been delivering private medical certification for more than a decade so you can be assured of the highest quality service, as well as lots of help and support.”