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Meet Deborah!

Recently joining the team in early 2023 as Training and Competence Director after working alongside the Group as a partner since 2018, Deborah Yeats will be leading the Group’s brand-new technical training and competency division.  

With a career in the training industry dating back to the mid-1980s, Deborah began as a Training Administrator for an NDT inspection company before amassing diverse experiences across manufacturing, oil and gas (both upstream and downstream), and maritime sectors. Working both onshore and offshore, whether for operators, service companies, or her very own company, Deborah has played a vital role in providing transformational training experiences for a global workforce, recently placing a greater focus on upskilling, nationalisation programmes, competence, bespoke HSE training, and behavioural safety.  

Deborah’s career trajectory and portfolio of experience make her perfectly placed to launch our new division, providing technical training and competence services, systems, and programmes globally. 

> What attracted you to join 3t? 

Having worked with 3t as a contractor for a few years, I’ve seen the company grow and evolve into an enviable global training market-leader. Heading up the new Technical Training and Competence division is a dream job for me.  That aside, our ethos is entrepreneurial, yet we look after our colleagues well.  It’s a rare combination and I’m super excited to be here. 

> What are you hoping to bring to your new role with 3t? 

I’m bringing a culmination of 35 years of experience in not just training, competence, learning and development, but I’ve been lucky to have experienced working with many different cultures in many diverse environments, all of which have their own standards, practices, and regulations. I’m hoping that I’ll also bring passion, drive, and a practical approach to solutions for our customers, providing a bespoke experience that works for them. 

> How are you going to utilise your previous experience to help shape the launch of 3t’s new strategic technical training and competence division? 

Long-term, I want to play a pivotal part in helping the Group achieve its aims to strengthen its position as a global authority in competence and bespoke technical training. Along the way, I’ll be utilising all my experience, as well as what I learn from the new team around me, to shape a division that is synonymous with providing the most fit-for-purpose, sustainable solutions for our customers that they’ve ever had; delivered by credible, high-quality, and passionate people who really care.   

> In light of your previous industry experience, what has been your biggest learning curve and how have you since used that as an advantage going forward? 

As a twenty-something-year-old, I was told by a senior individual within the company I worked for that my personality was not conducive to a senior career in the oil and gas industry.  

For years I tried to fight against my core beliefs in order to succeed, but I realised later that actually being myself in an appropriate way was much more powerful. I’m not a ruthless businesswoman. I’m a people-orientated person who cares deeply about the job I do and the impact it has on the thousands of people I’ve helped in their careers. As training is my discipline, that has been a great advantage. 

> What is the best piece of advice you’ve received in your career? 

Working alongside so many incredible, committed, and passionate people throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate that I’ve never been short on good advice. Because of that, it was nearly impossible to pick just one bit of advice!

  1. Think of the business as if it’s your own – you’ll make smarter decisions. 
  2. Everything is possible, there are just different degrees of difficulty.  
  3. Treat people the way you’d want your family to be treated.   
  4. Everyone has skills and talents, even if they don’t quite realise it. It’s up to us as leaders to help them shine through.  
  5. Be positive and happy! It changes your whole outlook, and you’ll enjoy life a lot more.