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Meet Dominic!

The latest recruit to the 3t Energy Group team, Dominic joins us in a brand-new position for the Group, appointed as Senior Solutions Manager. Following the incredible success of the recent bp Greater Tortue Ahmeyim project, this new position will drive the Group forward as we aim to deliver successful projects of a similar ilk, utilising the power and potential of the Group’s blended learning solutions. With almost 25 years of industry experience and many years spent within management and Business Development roles within the energy sector, Dominic is best positioned to lead on future major asset projects for the Group to leave its mark on. 

> What attracted you to join 3t Energy Group?  

Prior to joining, I was already well aware of AIS Survivex and the training arm of the business. Knowing the training solutions provided through AIS Survivex, the appeal to me for joining the Group was the transformative potential across its portfolio of businesses, 3t Transform, Drilling Systems, joint venture 3t EnerMech, and recent acquisition Utility & Construction Training (UCT). This potential is best exemplified by the award-winning bp GTA FPSO project, which was a key driver for me, as I saw it as a real game changer in the training market. 

 > What are you hoping to bring to this new role within the Group?  

Having spent nearly 25 years in the energy sector and primarily within Business Development, I feel that I can bring the knowledge and experience that will allow the Group to target new areas and build exciting, long-standing and successful relationships with key target clients.  

Through the insight I’ve gained across my career, I have the tools to support client requirements whilst differentiating the Group from our competition, through the real value we can offer within our solutions offering.  

As important, I bring plenty of energy and a good sense of humour! 

 > How do you hope to see the major asset side of the Group develop in the next 3-5 years and where do you see your role in that?  

With the team around me and the technology we have at our disposal, I know the Group will continue to grow at a great pace. The excellent reference point of our bp Greater Tortue Ahmeyim contract award not only solidifies the Group’s credentials, capabilities and professional excellence in this area but lends itself well to replicate this technology and methodology for further contract awards in oil & gas and beyond. I see my new role as being crucial to successfully securing future projects like these.  

 > How influential has the success of the recent bp GTA project been in guiding your approach to major asset projects?  

Hugely so! And rightfully too. The impact of the GTA project sets a fantastic benchmark for the Group going forward and the project itself is as good a case study reference as anyone could ask for. The credibility it gives us is invaluable. The fact that AIS Survivex, on behalf of the Group, won the Digital Innovation Award at the recent SPE Offshore Achievement Awards is proof of that and exemplifies the Group’s capabilities. I recently attended the FPSO Congress in Brazil and this was the backbone to many conversations, and I’m already looking ahead to attending the World FPSO Congress in Singapore in September and showcasing this some more. 

 > What is it about the Group’s approach to blended learning solutions that stands out for you?  

I think we offer something that the rest of the market doesn’t. The integrated and complimentary learning solutions we provide across the Group are outstanding. The technology, ease of access and use for our clients, along with the customer support we provide, brings unparalleled value. Our blended learning solutions of VR, Digital Twin, e-Learning, Video Learning, Augmented Reality, and the Practical Learning we have, gives clients access to over 650 courses which is incredible. 

> What is the best piece of advice you’ve received in your career?   

I’ve been lucky enough to work for some of the biggest companies in the world, all of which have had exceptional and inspiring leaders who have often passed down advice and words of wisdom. Over the years, three pieces of advice, in particular, have stayed with me:  

  • Never be scared to challenge the norm and take a risk. 
  • Truth and trust will always serve you right. 
  • Listen to your clients. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason!