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Meet Jill!

Since setting off in her career in 2007, Jill has been working in the training sector for over 15 years across a variety of roles. From Account Management to Director of Strategic Projects and head of ESG, Jill has been an imperative part of 3t Energy Group and continues to strengthen her relationships with existing and prospective clients whilst ensuring the communities of 3t Energy Group feel safe and supported in the workplace.

Can you give an insight into your working day?

I never have two days the same, which is such an enjoyable part of my job. Since my appointment last November, I have spent a lot of time with the senior management team working on a range of strategic initiatives to enhance ourselves as a company from employee engagement, to ESG, to the systems in which we operate.

Working for such a dynamic company is enlightening as you are encouraged to be innovative, take initiative and remain stakeholder focused, resulting in the fruition of your successes becoming more visible.

What makes you passionate about your role?

The diversity: My role allows me to work colleagues from a variety of backgrounds and experience which contributes strongly towards our strategic discussions and I’m a big believer that success comes from teamwork, ensuring everyone has a voice.  Our Energy Champion Team is one example of this, volunteers from our 3t communities have come together to support our journey of environmental change by highlighting areas of improvement with innovative ideas of how we can transform our current operations.

In my role, I also oversee our employee engagement strategy and am enthusiastic about ensuring diversity, equality and inclusivity are incorporated within all our policies and procedures from the advertisement of vacancies right through the employee lifecycle.  This includes how we attract, retain, and engage with employees on a day-to-day basis which is a huge focus for 3t in terms of ESG values.

Leading ESG activity in the group, how do you incorporate the appropriate strategies to ensure ESG targets are being met?

Coming from a corporate background, I’m able to bring my learnings to the table to enhance the way we operate through implementing appropriate procedures and continuously helping to improve our structure to work towards an ESG conscious workplace.

For 3t’s ESG strategy to be implemented successfully it is fundamental that we include all our stakeholders in the process, from our colleagues to our customers.

A strategy can be created, but how it is implemented can be the challenge. This is why we ensure to obtain feedback from all stakeholders and engage their support in the change roll out, and in turn, foster a culture of continuous improvement in ESG.

From your experience, what do you believe is the most important aspect of ESG?

I don’t think there is one aspect that is more important than the other, I do however think the focus on ESG has been transformational to our strategy and how we operate.  ESG is not a tick in the box, it is reviewing and benchmarking, analysing, identifying areas of improvement, implementation and reporting on achievements.  A fundamental aspect of ESG is creating a culture to which we are all part of, it’s  not a one fit for all and change will not occur overnight, it is a journey of continuous improvement.

What advice would you give to young people entering the industry?

Over the years, there has been times I would feel the need to conform to how others wanted me to be or act, but I realised that embracing my style, sticking to my values, and not losing myself amidst the pressures allowed me to grow and climb the corporate ladder to get to where I am today.

So, what I would say to anyone entering the industry is, this is the time for new voices – if you embrace who you are and stick to your core values, you will go far.

What is a fun fact about yourself/hobby/talent or what do you like to do outside of work?

I am what you describe as a foodie, I like to cook and am not scared to try new dishes, however I do prefer to eat out, so I don’t have to do the tidying up!  I love when the weekend comes when I go out with friends and family and enjoy different cuisines.  Dog friendly restaurants are high on my priority list so my spoilt miniature schnauzer, Reggie, can join too.