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Meet the Team – Javed Birbal

Can you give an insight into your career history and background?

I began my career in Information Technology and Telecommunications, working with national enterprises that supported large corporations. About two decades ago, in 2007, I transitioned into the world of Oil and Gas. I took on assignments offshore in the Gulf of Mexico and Trinidad, focusing on providing service solutions for High-Risk Activities while ensuring safety.

During these years, I held various positions, starting with Field Services and progressing through Operations, Commercial, and Business Leadership roles, gradually moving from supervisory roles to management. This career progression eventually led me to take on Managing Director and Director positions in three different organisations over the past eight years.

Throughout my journey, I’ve developed diverse capabilities across multiple departments, including Operations, Commercial, Marketing, Sales, Managerial Finance, and, most importantly, strategy development and execution. My core strength lies in my ability to draw from this diverse background to tackle complex, multi-level problems using available resources, with the aim of achieving sustainable competitive advantages and ensuring business continuity. My primary objective is to deliver value to stakeholders and the communities where our businesses operate, whether it’s in upstream, midstream, downstream, LNG, Petrochem, or Plastics sectors.

Currently, I hold an engineering diploma, a BSc, an MBA, and I am a certified PMP. I have actively participated in various industry associations and PMI chapters and chambers. Over the years, I’ve lived in Trinidad, New York, and now Florida, and I’ve dedicated a significant portion of my life to working on projects and supporting businesses in regions such as the US Gulf Coast, Canada’s O&G regions, Trinidad, Guyana, Mexico, Brazil, and Scotland.

What attracted you to join Drilling Systems?

I have encountered Drilling Systems in the past, and what impresses me most about the company is its ability to adapt and consistently provide technological systems that incorporate the latest advancements in solutions that align with evolving industry practices. Their track record of delivering multiple solutions that facilitate high-risk work executed safely has earned my unique respect and made me proud to be associated with their ability to offer such enabling solutions.

How do you plan to use your knowledge and experience to contribute to Drilling System’s development across the Americas?

Evolving and developing markets require state-of-the-art technology that is industry accepted to accelerate their momentum. Leveraging my experience, I aim to create and implement stakeholder-centric strategies and solutions that deeply consider the core values of these market cultures, their economic and developmental goals, and how our business and team can provide value to help them not only achieve those objectives but also expedite the journey from their current position to their desired goals.

What are your goals for the region and how do they contribute to Drilling System’s development plans?

My primary goal, coming from the Americas myself, is to raise awareness and demonstrate that South America has a rich history and is highly regarded in the Oil & Gas and Drilling industry. The region boasts a workforce that is exceptionally skilled and capable of excelling in the most challenging projects while consistently meeting targets.

My specific objective is to ensure that across the market, all operators, contractors, and businesses are well-informed about how Drilling Systems complements their efforts in creating a safe work environment and ensures timely delivery for high-risk and high-priority projects. I also aim to make these solutions easily accessible to them.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received in your career?

If we easily accept any limitation in our ability to solve complex problems, innovation stagnates and as individuals and a society, our development stalls!