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Meet the team – Tom Beetham, Head of Employer Engagement at 3t

Tom is 3t’s Head of Employer Engagement working with clients in the utility industry to develop and deliver training programmes which meet their needs.

Tom hails from West Yorkshire and works out of our industry-renowned, Manchester Training Centre, although also spends time meeting and speaking to clients across the UK.

Utilities and construction training within 3t Training Services is the UK’s leading provider of courses for the water, gas and power distribution sectors and we work with many of the utility sector’s leading asset owners and contracting companies to raise industry standards and deliver competency and compliance. We are also the only training provider offering apprenticeships to new utility industry entrants.

Tom knows the UK’s utility industry inside-out, having worked in frontline services, ‘on the tools’ in both water and gas distribution for more than a decade before moving into training.

Starting out as an apprentice Gas Network Operative Level 3 engineer in the early 2000’s, Tom progressed quickly through the ranks of multiple companies, becoming skilled in all aspects of construction, asset service laying, replacement, and emergency works in both water and gas.

Then in 2015, Tom moved into the training arena as a gas trainer and assessor for utilities and construction training within 3t, with heavy involvement in developing and delivering apprenticeships.

Tom Beetham

As well as being a member of IGEM, the Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers, Tom sits on several industry panels and groups. In these roles, Tom is helping to inform and shape the utility sector as it transitions to hydrogen transmission.

Tom said: “I love the training world. It’s extremely rewarding. My industry experience significantly helps in my role when dealing with clients as I have an in-depth knowledge of the pinch points of the job and know which skills are critical.

“I like to compare it to driving. Rather than just understanding you need to push the clutch down to change gears, it’s about understanding the concept of how the mechanic’s work. Concept training is a systematic and organized procedure that can acquire technical knowledge and skills for a purpose.

“The three things I enjoy most about my job is firstly the people. Both those I teach and the people I work with every day are an amazing bunch and enrich my working life immeasurably. Secondly, I take great pride and I am honoured to help companies develop the skilled workforce they need to succeed and, finally, I’m thrilled that I can contribute towards our NetZero target, by supporting the training, upskilling and educational requirements for my clients – the GDs, DNOs, Tier 1s, Tier 2s and the supply chain “

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