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SADA: 3t Senior Leadership Visit to SADA Campus

The Saudi Arabian Drilling Academy (SADA), a collaborative endeavour between Saudi Aramco and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC), stands as a premier technical and academic institution. Dedicated to providing a cutting-edge environment for training drilling delegates, SADA is instrumental in ushering aspiring professionals into the industry.

Recently, SADA hosted a distinguished visit from 3t’s CEO Kevin Franklin and Region VP – MENA, Ian Hunt, at its Abqaiq-based campus. The exclusive tour showcased the academy’s state-of-the-art facilities, highlighting its commitment to fostering excellence in training.

SADA takes pride in its blended learning approach, harnessing technology to enhance learning retention and engagement. This approach has yielded remarkable results, with students excelling throughout their courses.

At the forefront of innovation, SADA has seamlessly integrated 3t’s digital solutions into its curriculum, employing a groundbreaking 4*4 approach. This encompasses Smart Learning Environments (SLE), Virtual Reality (VR), Simulator Training, and hands-on experiences at actual rig sites, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for delegates.

During this visit, SADA Managing Director Faisal Al-Daihani extended recognition to Kevin and Ian, marking a significant milestone in the collaboration between 3t and SADA. This recognition stands as a testament to the impactful collaboration between these entities, securing the highest-impact learning for SADA’s delegates and the region.

Faisal Al-Daihani and his leadership team exhibit visionary and dynamic approaches to learning methodologies. Their commitment to shaping the future of the industry through innovative learning strategies is commendable. We consider it an honour to closely collaborate with such forward-thinking leaders in the industry and look forward to building upon our already strong partnership.

Reflecting on the recent visit, Ian Hunt shared, “SADA’s commitment to revolutionising training methodologies is truly remarkable, and our collaboration stands as a testament to their dedication to excellence in training across the region. We’re honoured and proud to work closely with Faisal and his stellar team.”