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Saving lives with virtual lifeboat launches

Did you know there have been over 400 deaths involving lifeboats in the last 40 years?

419 fatalities involving lifeboats have been recorded since 1981 – many of these during lifeboat launch drills.*

In a bid to cut this devastating statistic, AIS Survivex is encouraging lifeboat crews to minimise the risk of live lifeboat launch drills by using its portable Advanced Coxswain Training Desktop Simulator.

Using a simulator is extremely realistic and allows you to experience all of the conditions and operations of a real lifeboat launch scenario but in a completely safe environment.

AIS Survivex’s lifeboat simulators feature a wide variety of exercises to recreate every type of weather – from calm seas to the perfect storm – and can also switch between night time and daytime scenarios. This enables delegates to practise emergency escape and rescue drills in adverse weather and in the dark – situations which couldn’t be reasonably practised otherwise.

Training for all eventualities like this builds competency and improves safety standards – in fact studies suggest that utilising simulation as part of a well-rounded training programme can boost knowledge retention by up to 70%.

Train onboard your installation, vessel or while in Port…

An increasing number of ports are raising concerns over manned boat drills taking place at port, as these represent inherent risk to both personnel and equipment.

A live drill resulting in injury, triggers investigation, forcing vessel owners and operators to remain at berth until the incident is investigated and resolved, subsequently losing revenue and increasing congestion at already busy ports.

Our Advanced Coxswain Training Simulator is portable and can be packed into a suitcase sized carryall and taken anywhere easily and quickly, enabling training to take place at your own worksite – whether in port or at sea.

Marine Team Leader, George Masson, said:

“While there will always be a need for in-person training at sea, and we have that part covered, the number of live lifeboat launch drills required can be reduced through the use of simulators.”

“Any safety drills which involve launching on-board lifeboats come with an inherent risk of injury or even death. The statistics prove it and there have been a number of fatalities during live lifeboat launch drills over the years.

Our Advanced Coxswain Simulator can be taken into the worksite to enable personnel to train for lifeboat launches safely in their own work environment. You can make as many mistakes as you like without getting hurt.

“All the learning studies tell us that active learning and making mistakes helps memory retention. You learn more from making mistakes and by seeing the consequences. You’ll remember the experience. As we all know – practice makes perfect! That’s why training using a simulator is so effective.

“And because the instructor comes to you, clients are only paying for the travel for one person. This is another appealing option as it cuts the travel time and expense of multiple learners leaving site which, in turn, can also cut carbon emissions for clients.”