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Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2024: Meet Carly and Demi!

For Scottish Apprenticeship Week, we’re highlighting Aberdeen-based Apprentice Administrators, Carly Reid and Demi Mitchell! 

Taking on various diverse tasks in our Dyce training centre, Carly and Demi are crucial in ensuring that everything is running smoothly and that delegates receive the best training experience possible. After leaving school, Carly and Demi sought an opportunity to learn and grow in an exciting role. At 3t, thanks to their drive and commitment, they have done just that. 

Carly Reid, Apprentice Administrator 

“After leaving school, I was looking for an opportunity where I could learn and develop my skillset whilst in a full-time position. I felt like an apprenticeship was my best option to seek the skills I was looking to gain. Since joining 3t, I’ve had the chance to take on a diverse range of roles to keep things fresh and exciting. This has really helped me develop my multitasking abilities and my professional communication skills, whilst becoming much more focused in the workplace. 

I firmly see my future here at 3t and hope to complete my apprenticeship within the next year or so, meaning I have plenty of time to keep learning and developing. With the skills I have picked up in this role, I am hopeful that I will be able to progress through the company and unlock new career opportunities.” 

Demi Mitchell, Apprentice Administrator 

“I chose to undertake an apprenticeship at 3t as I was keen to kickstart my career and pursue new opportunities. The highlight for me so far has been working alongside people with all sorts of different skills and abilities. Working alongside a team of such talented people has really added to my knowledge and has made my learning experience consistently engaging – already I’ve seen how the skills I’ve learnt are benefiting me both personally and professionally.  

I’m hoping to progress throughout the company in different departments and to make a difference in every task I take on. I feel as though I am really benefiting from being part of the team.” 

At 3t, we are passionate about supporting the apprenticeship journey by empowering individuals with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to seize industry opportunities. 

Apprenticeships provide a great way for individuals to kickstart their futures, gaining safety-critical skills in a safe and non-critical environment. Apprenticeships offer the opportunity to build confidence and knowledge until you achieve competence.  

To help facilitate growth and opportunities in safety-critical industries, we offer a series of apprenticeship opportunities for the Utilities and Construction sector. These courses help to develop a high level of knowledge, including health and safety practices, in an immersive and supportive environment before integrating into onsite work. 

Our apprenticeships include:  

  • Scaffolding 
  • PNC (Power Network Craftsperson) 
  • Highways maintenance skilled operative 
  • Gas network operatives 
  • Water network operative 

Apprentices are the workforce of the future – let’s celebrate them. Find out more here