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Two North-East based training and learning providers partner to offer innovative blended learning solutions for safety-critical industries

Cleveland Fire Brigade Risk Management Services (CFB RMS), a Community Interest Company, and commercial training arm of Cleveland Fire Brigade has announced a strategic partnership with 3t Transform, a learning technologies and software expert specialising in safety-critical industries.

Both based in the North East of England, with global reach and customer bases, the partnership will see the duo offer an innovative blended learning solution seeing in-person physical training elevated through the addition of immersive and digital learning solutions, delivered across a range of risk management services. Organisations will benefit from a blended learning approach where CFB RMS will employ its decades of experience to deliver best-in-class training and consultancy alongside 3t Transform’s learning materials, which are widely used and recognised by many global energy market players.

Enhancing training programs with immersive learning, such as within a digital twin or virtual environment created by 3t Transform, its been proven to increase learning retention rates, increase workforce engagement, as well as helping to improve safety by allowing mistakes to be made with no real-life consequences. Services offered through the partnership will include managing innovative emergency response and incident command services, supported and enhanced by the inclusion of various cutting-edge digital platforms (virtual reality, E-learning, E-learning with gamification and micro learning).

Rebecca Storey, Marketing and Client Relations Manager at CFB RMS, added: “The new partnership between us and 3t Transform is exciting for 2023 and the future.

“We are open minded, and are looking to collaborate innovatively, from which we can share experiences and industry knowledge. I’m sure we can learn from each other whilst raising awareness and growing market share collectively.

“It’s a two-way partnership and provides us with an exciting opportunity for working on larger projects in the future, learning and improving customer solutions.

“We look forward to working with 3t Transform and to accelerate jointly into new industries and markets. I am confident that with this partnership we can achieve greater things, while continuing to develop within existing industries.”

Jason Fleming, Head of Business Development at 3t Transform, commented: “We’re delighted to have signed an agreement to provide blended learning services with Cleveland Fire Brigade Risk Management Services.

“The training our digital platforms can provide will allow people to learn in a safe environment, particularly important for those operating in high-consequence situations. And combined with the knowledge and experience of the CFB RMS team we’ll be able to provide a full suite of services.

“It’s an exciting time for us as we look to grow into new markets and the partnership will support this allowing us to offer clients training and risk management services in one simple offering.”

Both companies have a strong track record in the worldwide energy sector and are looking to grow their offering further into rail, marine and the renewables sectors.