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UK’s number one offshore wind training provider brings fully funded courses to London for the first time

The number one training provider to the global offshore wind market and the UK energy industry, 3t (previously 3t Energy Group), has launched a landmark new partnership with Capital City College Group (CCCG) bringing fully funded specialist wind operations training courses to London for the first time.  

The pioneering partnership has developed a new, state-of-the-art wind operations training centre within Capital City College’s Enfield site in north London, which will deliver all the necessary employable skills and qualifications to help local delegates begin a career in wind – one of the UK’s fastest growing industries.   

This is the first centre of its kind in London and the surrounding areas and will offer fully funded, flexible, four-week, bootcamp-style training programmes accredited by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) and including courses such as Basic Safety Training, Basic Technical Training, Working at Height, and IRATA Rope Access.  

3t’s Training Services division is the UK’s largest provider of GWO training in the UK and trains one in five of the world’s wind trainees at its Renewable Energy Training Centres of Excellence in Newcastle and Aberdeen. It will be utisiling this extensive knowledge and expertise to deliver the new first-of-its-kind program. 

The new training facility will support the wind industry’s need for new talent to deliver on projects such as Dogger Bank, Sofia, East Anglia THREE, and the Hornsea projects, and will directly support the UK Governments targets to cut CO2 emissions and achieve ambitious skilled worker targets, cited as 100,000 in the UK alone. 

To celebrate the partnership, CCCG hosted an exclusive event at its Enfield college site on Wednesday 8th of November. Featuring a ribbon cutting ceremony, the day was attended by Senior Leaders from both organisations, as well as the Greater London Authority (GLA).  

Emma Howorth, General Manager for England at 3t said: “The opportunity to deliver our world-class wind training courses in London is a huge development for us at 3t and for the region. We all know the challenges ahead for the wind industry. To hit the targets that align with Net Zero and renewable energy aims, we need the talent to deliver on the promise of upcoming projects – both onshore and offshore. Our role as a training provider is to equip the next generation of workers with the skills, confidence, and qualifications to set them up for success in their careers. We’re delighted to be working with CCCG; this partnership has the potential to make a lasting impact on the UK’s energy security.”  

Jackie Chapman, Executive Director, Growth & Partnerships, at Capital City College Training (part of CCCG) commented: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with 3t on this pioneering program, and believe the timing couldn’t be better, launching during Green Careers Week.  

 At CCCG we develop our curriculum offer based on GLA and Mayoral Priorities, Local Skills Improvement Plans and industry needs. This provision supports Londoners into good jobs in the Green Energy sector, meeting key criteria and expanding on our Green Hub. Our position as London’s largest provider of training and apprenticeships aligns perfectly with 3t’s as the number one training provider for the UK energy industry and global offshore wind market. Through our brand-new facilities and the expertise of 3t’s training instructors and industry-accredited courses, we’re excited to welcome the industry’s future leaders to come and train with us.” 

 As the leading provider of high-impact training solutions for safety-critical industries, 3t has eight state-of-the-art training facilities across the UK and trains thousands of wind delegates annually.