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Bespoke training centre consultation and creation

How we create of a new accredited training facility

With our experience, a programme to create a new accredited training facility will take somewhere in the region of 6 – 12 months. During this time, with a collaborative and cooperative approach from both sides, we can fully implement a bespoke dual-energy training facility. There are generally three phases to a project of this type, some of which may run concurrently and overlap.

Phase 1 – Consultancy

During phase one, we will undertake the initial consultancy support to design and develop a fit-for-purpose industry-accredited wind training facility.

Phase 1 would consist of:

  • Centre design consultancy working with our in-house architects, designers, and engineer specialists.
  • Procurement support for specialist equipment
  • Comprehensive support to gain GWO approvals
  • Submission and Management of approval applications

Phase 2 – Management, training and support tools

During phase 2, we would provide consultancy support and instructor recruitment and development, training course materials, specifications, and training plans to develop new courses and gain accreditation within a new Energy Sector Training Centre of excellence.

Phase 2 would consist of:

  • Facilities & Structures to ensure industry-compliant facilities using local content
  • Specialist equipment – Using local content to assist with the procurement and installation of specialist equipment
  • A team of highly qualified and experienced instructors to lead an intensive 4-6-week train-the-trainer program per identified module
  • Operations and Maintenance Support to ensure that local people have sufficient training and practical experience to carry out a schedule of
  • Operations and Maintenance work.
  • Access to our world-class training management and booking software on a monthly fee-based agreement. This allows you to comprehensively manage all aspects of the training facility

Phase 3 – Build, operate then transfer

Following the successful approval of a new energy sector training centre and period of supported operation, all operations would be transferred to the End-User. This includes all industry certification and accreditation ownership with continued support for the life of the contract.

The training facility will become a self-sufficient and independent industry-accredited training provider in the delivery of the GWO Wind Energy Training, OPITO, and upskilling energy programs to your customers.

With our expertise and our deep-rooted industry experience and knowledge, we can support government and educational institutions in the creation of new, market-leading course curriculum. Working in partnership with you, we can help you in ensuring that workforces of the future have access to the best learning and training content required.

Our industry insight can also help you to unlock governmental funding in place to achieve ambitious global targets.

Your Partners in Success

Our commitment to understanding and meeting your unique needs, combined with our global expertise and decades of experience, makes us the go-to training consultancy, safety consultancy, and workforce training consultants. We are not just a training consultancy company; we are an extension of your operation.

Our award-winning team has over ten years of leading industry experience and knowledge in course development and instructor development programs.

In 2021, we were delighted to win two awards – “GWO Training Team of the Year, Europe-Africa 2021” and “Global Training Team of the Year”.

The two global awards were won for our commitment to improving teaching standards and the instrumental role we played in piloting and developing new courses for the wind sector. We were also commended for the exceptional support provided to clients and delegates before, during, and after our training courses.