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The CTS:5000 is a full-size simulator that accurately recreates coiled tubing operations to support a wide range of scenarios for well intervention training.

Experience realistic coiled tubing operations with the CTS:5000 simulator, a cutting-edge full-size simulation platform designed to support comprehensive well-intervention training across various scenarios.

The CTS:5000 merges physical representations of field operator panels with immersive, real-time graphical views from inside the cab, delivering an authentic training experience. This unique blend of physical and virtual elements ensures trainees are fully immersed in simulated operations.

Instructors benefit from a safe and controlled environment to educate and assess trainees, thanks to customisable surface equipment and downhole parameters. This flexibility allows for tailored training sessions that address specific learning objectives and challenges.

Who can benefit from the CTS:5000?

Drilling Contractors: Utilise the simulator to develop and implement customised training programs aligned with your curriculum. Enhance operational readiness and proficiency among your workforce with hands-on training tailored to your specific needs.

Oil and Gas Operators: Integrate the simulator into competency assessment programs to challenge and evaluate crews in diverse scenarios. Prepare your teams for real-world challenges by exposing them to situations they may not encounter otherwise, ensuring readiness and adaptability.

Training Providers: Stay ahead in the dynamic oil and gas industry by incorporating the latest technology into your training methodologies. The CTS:5000 ensures that your training programs remain current and relevant, equipping trainees with the skills needed to excel in the field.

Experience the future of well-intervention training with the CTS:5000 simulator, where realism meets innovation to empower the next generation of industry professionals.


Key benefits to your business

Full-size interactive simulator with high-resolution displays and consoles currently used in the field.

Challenge teams and improve decision-making skills in pressurised situations with customisable simulation parameters.

Fully prepare crews for the live environment with accurate well intervention scenarios that have been designed in conjunction with coiled tubing service providers.

Efficiently optimise crews and resources for any given work scope with equipment location and placement.

Key features of the CTS:5000

  • 65” graphic display
  • Full-size operator, fluid pump, nitrogen, remote choke and engine management consoles
  • Remote instructor and station desk
  • Multiple parameters editable by the instructor
  • Custom console package options are available
  • Training exercises with modifiable surface equipment and downhole parameters
  • Optional data output to third-party acquisition systems
  • Touchscreen control rig-up station for equipment rig-up, valve operations and general pipework layout overview

Key capabilities of the CTS:5000

The CTS:5000 provides full visibility of the:

  • Coiled tubing unit, reel, lubricator and injector
  • Surrounding rig site
  • Stripper and blowout preventer (BOP) pressure control
  • Injector chain tension and traction controls
  • Fluid pumping and pressure control
  • Running speed
  • CTS:5000 includes a full range of surface and downhole malfunctions such as sand clean-out, milling and fishing.

Revolutionize your learning

“The CTS:5000 has allowed us to standardise our operator training and enhance our competency assessment programme.”

A Leading Operator