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Introducing the DrillSIM:600, an advanced cyberbase simulator that offers unparalleled drilling and well control training capabilities. This simulator is fully customizable to emulate specific land rigs and equipment, allowing operators to practice in their real-life environments.

The DrillSIM:600 is an advanced cyberbase simulator that offers unique drilling and well control training.

The simulator can be customised to emulate specific land rigs and equipment which enables operators to practice in their own real-life environment.

DrillSIM:600 combines 3D surface and downhole graphical views with realistic rig equipment sounds and functionalities for a truly immersive learning experience.

Digital twin

We will work with you to create digital twins of your own rigs and equipment systems which can be operated on the DrillSIM:600.

Drill the Well on Simulator

Drill and optimise your next well ahead of time, in safety with Drill the Well on Simulator (DWOS) on the DrillSIM:600.

DrillSIM Downhole Model

DrillSIM:600 includes the full DrillSIM downhole model which provides a dynamic 3D graphic visualisation of the actions taking place down a deviated well throughout a wide range of drilling operations.

Industry standards

DrillSIM:600 meets and exceeds oil and gas drilling and well control training and accreditation standards set by IWCF and IADC.

Key benefits to your business

3D graphics views and realistic equipment functionality.

Maximise return on investment by using one core simulator to run multiple rig packages.

Improve the decision-making skills of crews in difficult situations with detailed simulation scenarios and downhole conditions.

Familiarise operators with their own specific rigs and equipment and increase confidence with a customisable system.

Key features of the DS:600

  • Single chair configuration with multiple user capabilities
  • Remote instructor station and desk
  • Drill the Well on Simulator (DWOS)
  • Multiple human machine interface (HMI) stations
  • Interchangeable rig controls “plug and play” system
  • Accurate 3D models of rig and pipe-handling equipment
  • Adjustable weather conditions
  • Bespoke rig topside development
  • Bespoke surface pipework and blowout prevention (BOP operations)
  • Full DrillSIM downhole model capabilities

Key capabilities of the DS:600

The DrillSIM:600 can be utilised to develop and run exercises including, but not limited to:

  • Oil-based mud, bubble point and gas flash out
  • Dynamic pressures during well control
  • Lost circulation, loss zones and leak off testing
  • Well-bore ballooning/breathing
  • Horizontal deviated wells
  • Hole cleaning, turbulent, laminar flow
  • Drilling on junk, pipe twist-off, stuck pipe
  • Sloughing, differential sticking, key seating, pack-off
  • High pressure high temperature (HPHT) wells
  • Managed pressure drilling (MPD)
  • Stand building, pipe handline and collision avoidance