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The DrillSIM:6000 can be customised to emulate specific rig types and equipment which enables operators to practice in their own real-life environment.

The DrillSIM:6000 is the most advanced cyberbase simulator that offers the ultimate flexibility in drilling and well control training.

The simulator is configured to recreate a specific offshore rig model and emulate equipment from any vendor and all major rig systems. Bespoke packages are available with customisable features dependant on space and requirements.

DrillSIM:6000 trains the driller and assistant driller concurrently, allowing the instructor to observe and control the scenarios from a separate station.

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Digital twin

We will work with you to create detailed and accurate digital twins of your own rigs and equipment systems which can be operated on the DrillSIM:6000 to create the most realistic and immersive training experience.

Virtual Reality Integration

You can take instruction to the next level by virtually transporting yourself to the asset to monitor the activities of the trainees in real-time on their own rig by connecting a vr headset to your drillsim:6000.

DrillSIM Downhole Model

DrillSIM:6000 includes the full DrillSIM downhole model which provides a dynamic 3D graphic visualisation of the actions taking place down a deviated well throughout a wide range of drilling operations.

Drill The Well On Simulator

Drill and optimise your next well ahead of time, in safety with Drill the Well on Simulator (DWOS) on the DrillSIM:6000.

Industry Standards

DrillSIM:6000 meets and exceeds oil and gas drilling and well control training and accreditation standards set by IWCF and IADC.

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Key benefits to your business

Maximise return on investment by using one core simulator to run multiple rig packages.

Stunning 3D graphics with an immersive video wall and realistic controls.

Improve teamwork with the ability to simultaneously train the driller and assistant driller with a dual-chair environment.

Allow trainees to rehearse challenging or infrequent operations such as blowout preventer (BOP) landing and running riser.

Key features of the DS:6000

  • Dual-chair configuration with multiple rig capabilities
  • Drill the Well on Simulator (DWOS)
  • Multiple human machine interface (HMI) stations
  • High-resolution customisable video wall
  • Classroom or containerised configurations
  • Interchangeable rig controls “plug and play” system
  • Supports integration with third party data links including power management and dynamic positioning
  • Integration with third party control systems such as MPD and other supervisory control systems
  • Adjustable weather conditions
  • Bespoke rig topside development
  • Bespoke surface pipework and blowout prevention (BOP) operations
  • Full DrillSIM downhole model capabilities

Key capabilities of the DS:6000

The DrillSIM:6000 can be utilised to develop and run all exercises included in the DrillSIM:600, in addition to:

  • Managed pressure drilling (MPD) training
  • A full range of surface and downhole malfunctions including those mandated by IADC and IWCF

In addition to bespoke packages, DrillSIM:6000 is available with standard land rig, jack-up rig, semi-submersible and drillship packages.