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Introducing DrillSIM:Academy, our cutting-edge well control training solution. Elevate learning with this immersive platform that seamlessly combines theory, practical exercises, and knowledge workouts, empowering students with essential well control skills for real-world operations.

Redefining Well Control Training

Unlock the power of blended learning with DrillSIM:Academy, the next generation well control training solution. Designed to deliver a truly immersive and effective learning experience, DrillSIM:Academy combines theory, practical exercises, and knowledge workouts to equip students with the essential skills for well control operations.

Key benefits of DrillSim Academy

  • Blended Learning Approach: DrillSIM:Academy offers a comprehensive and balanced approach to well control training, integrating theory, practical exercises, and knowledge workouts.
  • Simulated Scenarios: Powered by the industry-leading DrillSIM software, DrillSIM:Academy provides access to realistic and interactive simulated scenarios.
  • Media-Rich E-Learning Materials: Our platform incorporates media-rich e-learning modules, delivering engaging and informative content to enhance students’ theoretical knowledge of well control principles.
  • Instructor-Less Graded Simulations: DrillSIM:Academy offers the unique advantage of instructor-less delivery for graded simulations. This feature allows students to independently navigate through simulations and receive instant feedback.
  • Custom Simulation Development: With the innovative roadmap of DrillSIM:Academy, instructors have the flexibility to create custom simulations tailored to specific training needs.

Key benefits to your business

DrillSIM:Academy provides an immersive learning experience through its blend of theory, practical exercises, and simulated scenarios. Students can apply their knowledge in a realistic environment, enhancing their understanding and competence in well control operations.

By utilizing DrillSIM:Academy, organizations can reduce training costs associated with physical simulators, travel expenses, and logistical challenges. Our cloud-based platform offers a cost-effective alternative that maximizes training outcomes.

DrillSIM:Academy is designed to accommodate multiple users, making it an ideal solution for training programs of any scale. Whether you have a small team or a large organization, our platform can support your training needs.

With DrillSIM:Academy’s innovative roadmap, the platform is constantly evolving to meet the evolving needs of the industry. Regular updates and enhancements ensure that your training program remains relevant and aligned with industry standards.

Revolutionize your learning

“The DrillSIM:Academy is a continuous learning and knowledge retention platform that allows individual rig personnel to access self-paced drilling and well control learning at their home, office or work site. This blended learning platform uses innovative eLearning, micro-learning and world-leading simulation technology in one seamless environment to raise the standard in well control.”

Training Manager at Global Oil & Gas company

Contact our team today to learn more about DrillSIM:Academy and how it can be tailored to meet your specific training requirements.

Experience the power of blended learning and equip your students with the skills they need to excel in well control operations.

Take the first step towards a more immersive and effective training program with DrillSIM:Academy.