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The KraneSIM:60 is a versatile portable crane and lifting simulator designed for both classroom and mobile training. It offers realistic scenarios to enhance operator decision-making skills and competency

The KraneSIM:60 is a portable crane and lifting simulator ideally suited for classroom or mobile operations.

An instructor can set up simulation scenarios easily and control the simulation exercise.

The simulator does not lead trainees through the operation, but requires them to think for themselves, learn from their mistakes and allows their operational expertise to be assessed.

The KraneSIM:60 console and laptops can be set-up on a desk or table and connected to a TV to create an instantaneous training environment.


KraneSIM:6000 includes a comprehensive suite of malfunctions and varying conditions that ensure trainees are exposed to a wide range of situations that would otherwise take years to experience.

Industry standards

KraneSIM:6000 meets and exceeds various lifting standards to teach specific lessons in real-time including operating in dangerous conditions and responding to equipment malfunctions.

Custom crane packages

We work with you to ensure your KraneSIM:6000 meets your specific requirements including different rig types, crane models and interchangeable controls.

Key benefits to your business

Improve the decision-making skills of operators with complex malfunction scenarios and varying weather conditions.

Maximise return on investment by using one simulator to train crews on multiple crane types.

Customer specific cranes and operating controls increase the confidence of operators by familiarising teams with the specific crane that will be used in the live environment.

A full suite of exercises and malfunctions.

Key features of the KraneSIM:6000

  • 6 x 65” or 8 x 46” screens
  • User-friendly instructor station
  • Interchangeable crane control “plug and play” system
  • Advanced deja vu system supports the replay of simulations from any perspective
  • Fully integrates with competency assessment standards
  • Comprehensive suite of malfunction scenarios
  • Additional control stations provided as standard for Banksman and Slinger operations
  • Bespoke crane packages
  • Optional motion base

Key capabilities of the KraneSIM:6000

The KraneSIM:6000 provides huge flexibility to the end user with the innovative crane controls “plug and play” system.

The KraneSIM range of simulators fully integrate with competency assessments including:

  • BS 7121
  • API
  • IADC

Setting the standard

“If operators delay their response on the simulator, the fault worsens in a realistic way and demands increasingly radical intervention to prevent potential damage or injury. The simulator gives operators the confidence of knowing no damage can be done in problem solutions which allows them to focus on the solution.”

Alex Craib, Chief Instructor, Sparrows