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The MultiSIM is a portable simulator that offers real-time training for a range of well intervention operations.

The simulator combines the core software from the CTS:5000 and WirelineSIM:5000 to offer well intervention operator training in one advanced system. The SnubSIM:5000 software is also available as an additional option.

MultiSIM provides the flexibility to train operators at all levels, in any skills, whenever and wherever needed.

Wireline operations

MultiSIM uses the core software from WirelineSIM:5000 which includes braided and slickline exercises such as rigging up, lubricator opens and pressure control.

Coiled tubing operations

MultiSIM uses the core software from CTS:5000 which includes coil tubing operations from initial rig up to pumping, pressure testing, hydraulic control and coil running operations.

Snubbing operations

You can choose to incorporate snubbing operations into your MultiSIM with the addition of SnubSIM:5000 software.

Key benefits to your business

Deploy training rapidly and on-demand with a fully portable simulator that can deliver training and competence testing on-rig and in-situ.

Allow students to observe operations before taking control of their own well to demonstrate their understanding and encourage knowledge retention.

Train personnel anytime and anywhere with the flexibility of portable simulation.

Powerful graphics create realistic simulations.

Key features of the MultiSIM

  • Desktop setup
  • Wireline and coil tubing scenarios
  • Coiled tubing, slickline and braided line exercises
  • Snubbing operations available as an additional option
  • Operator controls (weight indicator, hydraulic controls etc.), rig-up surface equipment operations and pressure control equipment operations
  • Interactive touchscreens
  • Tablet control and views for students
  • Multiple malfunction scenarios including stuck tools, instrument failures, hydraulic supply system failure and other wire and coil problem

Key capabilities of the MultiSIM

The MultiSIM can be utilised to practise:

  • A full range of surface and downhole malfunctions such as sand clean-out, milling and fishing
  • Hydrostatic imbalance
  • Stuck in hole
  • Instrument failure
  • Sliding side door
  • Tubing plug
  • Hydraulics failures
  • Winch control
  • Surface equipment and rig-up procedures
  • Stuffing box and lubricator operations

Revolutionize your learning

“We can incorporate emergency situations into our training, allowing the instructor to assess the candidate’s response as if it were an unexpected, and real, event. The vast majority of people have never had to deal with a real emergency, and hopefully never will, but with simulator training they will be prepared.”

Garry Mitchie, President, Altus Intervention