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Drilling Contractors

Drilling Systems understands that the people who crew, manage and maintain your rigs are central to your operations as a drilling contractor.

Which is why we are continuously developing advanced drilling simulator technology to revolutionise how training is delivered to your teams and enhance employee productivity.

Accreditation standards

We are committed to offering a wide range of drilling simulators that ensure your teams are trained to the highest industry standards. Our DrillSIM simulators meet and exceed oil and gas drilling and well control training and accreditation standards such as IADC Driller and Supervisor and IWCF levels 3 and 4. We also provide models that meet OPITO stage 3 crane operator reassessments.

Competency assessment

Our comprehensive range of simulators support your competency assessment programmes for drilling and equipment operations, well control and crane training. Personnel are given the opportunity to rehearse challenging or infrequent operations which increases their confidence and provides the ability to make the correct decision under pressure.

Drilling Contractors that
trust our technology

Why choose our technology?

Drilling simulators allow personnel involved in active well operations to have continuous training through regular hands-on simulation exercises. Whether you are looking to ensure crew competency during rig-reactivations or give your teams the opportunity to rehearse challenging or infrequent operations in a safe environment, we work closely with you to provide a solution that meets your specific objectives.

Customer-specific rig types and operating controls.

3D graphics views and realistic equipment functionality.

Deliver training on-site, on-rig or in a dedicated facility.

Rehearse drilling scenarios in a benign safe environment to create a safer, more effective workforce in the field.

Drive reductions in non-productive time and improvements in asset uptime.

Portable Drilling and Well Control simulators


Cloud-based drilling and well control training.

On The Rig (OTR)

Real-time drilling, well control and crane training.


Drilling, well control and well engineering eLearning.


Regulatory drilling and well control training.


Cost-effective, hands-on well control training.


Multi-screen drilling and well control training.


Software-based drilling and well control training.


A cutting-edge teaching tool for the classroom.

DrillSIM Academy

Unlock the power of blended learning with DrillSIM:Academy, the next generation well control training solution.

Full-size Drilling and Well Control simulators

DrillSIM:5000 Classic

Bring the rig to the trainee in a highly realistic and immersive simulation environment featuring a full-size accurate representation of a conventional rig.

DrillSIM:5000 Cyber

Offer versatile and affordable drilling and well control simulation to a global standard with cyber chair controls and 3D quad-screen graphics.


Enable operators to practice drilling and well control operations in their own real-life environment with an immersive cyberbase simulator emulating specific land rigs and equipment.


Train the driller and assistant driller in real-time with the most advanced cyberbase dual-chair simulator including bespoke packages and customisable features dependant on requirements.

Fully integrated solutions

Our simulators integrate with Transform’s powerful connected cloud-based software and technology modules to create a tailored solution for any workforce.

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