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The SnubSIM:5000 is a full-size well intervention simulator that offers realistic training for snubbing operations.

The simulator offers immense flexibility in the software and simulated equipment to snub the string in or out of a well and perform well intervention and well control exercises.

Instructors can educate and evaluate trainees in a safe and controlled environment with varying performance and scope of simulation in a number of key areas.

Key benefits to your business

Wide range of downhole scenarios and experiences.

Powerful graphics create realistic simulations.

Allow students to observe operations before taking control of their own well to demonstrate their understanding and encourage knowledge retention.

Reduce non-productive time and maintain competency by practising real operations.

Key features of the SnubSIM:5000

  • Classroom setup
  • Touchscreen controls for students
  • Remote instructor station
  • Realistic graphic representation of the environment and equipment
  • Dynamic hydraulic downhole model
  • Multiple environments including land rig, jackup rig and drillship
  • A range of instructor-controlled malfunctions
  • Tactile, hands-on controls of equipment found in the snubbing basket

Key capabilities of the SnubSIM:5000

The SnubSIM:5000 includes a range of exercises such as:

  • Milling operations
  • Reduced equivalent circulating density (ECD)Low mud weights in annulus
  • Swabbing on trips
  • Lost circulation
  • Failure to fill the hole on trips
  • Kick while tripping in and out of the hole
  • Bullheading
  • Different types of influx
  • Pipe heavy to pipe light calculations

and many more…

Practise operations and build confidence

“We’ve been using simulators for many years within our learning and development programmes, and we believe they are instrumental to well control readiness. Simulators provide effective ways to test people’s skills and competencies, practise operations and build confidence.”

Training Manager at a Leading oil and gas company