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Instructors can effectively educate and evaluate trainees in a secure and controlled environment using the WirelineSIM:5000’s customisable surface equipment and downhole parameters.

The WirelineSIM:5000 is a full-size simulator that offers the most realistic well intervention training for braided and slickline operations.

The simulator has a physical wireline operator console used in the field with a real-time graphical representation of the view from inside the cab for realistic and immersive training.

Instructors can educate and evaluate trainees in a safe and controlled environment with the customisable surface equipment and downhole parameters.

Key benefits to your business

Data from real wells, jobs and incidents.

Ensure trainees adapt quickly to real-world jobs with simulations that integrate real data that is normally reserved for operators and service providers.

Evaluate the knowledge of seasoned professionals and identify skills gaps by simulating real emergency scenarios.

Reduce non-productive time and maintain competency by practising real operations.

Key features of the WirelineSIM:5000

  • Main operator console and chair
  • 65” graphic display screen
  • Remote instructor station and desk
  • Bottom hole assembly components including rope socket, knuckle joint, hydraulic and spang jars etc
  • Surface equipment including wellhead, wireline BOP and shear seal, lubricator and hay pulley
  • Completion equipment including landing nipples, sliding sleeve, side pocket mandrels and sub surface safety valve
  • Touchscreen wellbore completion schematic view
  • Touchscreen job rig-up and control station

Key capabilities of the WirelineSIM:5000

The WirelineSIM:5000 includes a range of assessment scenarios including:

  • Hydrostatic imbalance
  • Stuck in hole
  • Instrument failure
  • Sliding side door
  • Tubing plug
  • Hydraulics feature
  • Winch control
  • Surface equipment and rig-up procedures
  • Stuffing box and lubricator operations

Build confidence and competence

“We’ve been using simulators for many years within our learning and development programmes, and we believe they are instrumental to well control readiness. Simulators provide effective ways to test people’s skills and competencies, practise operations and build confidence.”

Training Manager at a Leading oil and gas company