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When a multi-national company wanted to enhance their traditional training methods to make safety-critical learning a lot more engaging and ultimately enjoyable for their workforce, they teamed up with gamification app Trivie and 3t to transform workplace learning.

Because of the complexities of operations at their refineries, the company wanted to explore other ways to train its workforce in ways that really connected with
each worker individually.

By partnering with Trivie and 3t and using its adaptive learning and knowledge reinforcement platform they were able to achieve their three goals which were:

  1. To reduce safety incidences by empowering individuals to take ownership of safety practices.
  2. To be able to immediately deploy new training based on identified risks.
  3. To increase employee engagement on safety training programs.

These were three big asks but with our innovative and engaging app, the company’s new approach to workplace learning was a big hit with their employees and they were able to achieve all three goals resulting in a 71% reduction in safety incidents.

The outcome

By adding PSI’s SafetyDNA program to the app, the learning materials were adapted to each employee’s learning style, making it much easier and more appealing to undertake
the training. The innovative app uses adaptive quizzing and retrieval practice to ensure that the training is not only learnt but more importantly, retained. Over a two-year period, over
500,000 questions were answered by their employees on the app with colleagues vying for the glory of a top place on the built in leader boards.

To meet their second goal, the app’s self-service content creation tools meant that when processes and protocols changed, learning leaders could get all the new training
materials out to every single employee immediately.

The ability to create new content and deliver it straight away is hugely beneficial to a safety-critical workplace because it not only saves time and money but keeps the site safe at all

Communicating these changes through the app meant that the updates and training went to every single worker’s phone, putting the new information at their fingertips rather than having to arrange a date and time for training.

Through the advanced analytics, the client could then see that the changes were understood and would be retained through future retrieval practice.

Overall, they found that using the app dramatically improved employee retention of safety training and procedural knowledge, and also helped to empower its employees to take personal ownership of safety behaviour.

Over 96% of their employees engaged with Trivie and their trial was so successful that the app was quickly implemented across their entire site.