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DrillSIM:5000 Classic

Unlock the potential of your workforce with the DrillSIM:5000 Classic, providing hands-on experience in a realistic rig floor setting, from handling well control situations to dealing with equipment malfunctions. Join us in redefining well control training and building competence for a safer and more efficient industry.

Setting the standard

The DrillSIM:5000 Classic is the global standard of advanced drilling and well control simulation. It is a tactile simulator with a manual brake.

The accurate representation of a conventional rig floor and 3D graphics create a highly realistic and immersive simulation environment bringing the rig to the trainee.

Both simple and highly complex tasks for land and offshore operations can be recreated to verify skills and competency in real-world situations.

DrillSim Downhole Model

DrillSIM:5000 Classic includes the full DrillSIM downhole model which provides a dynamic 3D graphic visualisation of the actions taking place down a deviated well throughout a wide range of drilling operations.

DrillSim Suite Manager

A DrillSIM software package license can be added to DrillSIM:5000 Classic to create a multi-station training environment. Simulations can be observed, monitored and managed from one central instructor station that provides data on the student activity and progress on each simulator.

Industry Standards

DrillSIM:5000 Classic meets and exceeds oil and gas drilling and well control training and accreditation standards such as IADC Driller and Supervisor and IWCF levels 3 and 4.a


The DrillSIM:5X range offers multiple options dependant on individual requirements and the size or scale of an operation.

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Key benefits to your business

3D graphics and analogue drilling controls in a realistic rig floor environment.

Challenge assumed skills and knowledge in real-world scenarios with a full and accurate rig floor simulator.

Reduce non-productive time and increase efficiency by simulating operations in a dynamic environment before carrying them out in the field.

Trainees can understand the consequences of their actions in various drilling operations with 3D visualisation of what is happening on the surface and downhole.

Key features of the DS:5000 Classic

  • Full mission-sized simulator
  • Large thin bezel quad screen display
  • Traditional drilling controls with analogue gauges, hands-on controls and a manual brake
  • Realistic 3D graphic visualisations
  • Both land and offshore capability
  • Full DrillSIM downhole model capabilities
  • Optional range of full-size additional consoles including CyberCHAIR, BOP and manifolds

Key capabilities of the DS:5000 Classic

The DrillSIM:5000 Classic can be utilised to develop and run exercises including, but not limited to:

  • Oil-based mud, bubble point and gas flash out
  • Gas expansion and migration
  • Dynamic pressures during well control
  • Lost circulation, loss zones and leak off testing
  • Wellbore ballooning/breathing
  • Horizontal and deviated wells
  • Hole cleaning, turbulent, laminar flow
  • Drilling on junk, pipe twist-off, stuck pipe
  • Sloughing, differential sticking, key seating, pack-off
  • High pressure high temperature (HPHT) wells
  • Managed pressure drilling (MPD)
  • Drilling and tripping

… and many more..

Get real-world skills

“This is an excellent new training asset for us to have as it will now allow us to provide a true-to-life experience that will challenge students’ real-world skills in a way we couldn’t before.”

Vamegh Rasouli, Department Chair, The University of North Dakota