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Senior DeveloperNewcastle, UK

3t is currently looking to recruit a Senior Developer on a permanent contract located in Newcastle, UK.

The Company

At 3t, we are passionate about up-skilling and empowering workforces to ensure a prosperous future where all workers, organisations and our industries thrive.

3t is the combination of world-leading companies that are together transforming training in the energy, and wider safety-critical sectors, combining cutting-edge immersive technology with award-winning high-impact workforce training. We stand as a global training powerhouse operating across 60 countries worldwide.

Together, we are training the workforce of the future.

3t Digital is dedicated to transforming training with our award-winning software and immersive technologies to create engaging, memorable learning experiences for your workforce.

The Role

Join our dynamic team at 3t Digital where innovation and collaboration are at the heart of everything we do. As a Senior Software Developer, you’ll be instrumental in crafting cutting edge web applications and APIs using our diverse technology stack. With a focus on problem-solving, quality, and stakeholder collaboration, you’ll play a vital role in driving the success of our projects and contributing to the growth of our business. If you’re motivated, curious, and ready to tackle challenges head-on, we invite you to embark on an exciting journey with us.

At 3t Digital, we thrive on innovative technology. Our stack empowers us to build robust, scalable solutions. While we value expertise, we also recognize that learning is a continuous journey. Do not be discouraged if you are not an expert in all the tech listed below. Here is what we use:

  • Front End: Stencil JS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Typescript, Web Components
  • Back End: Lambdas, JavaScript, TypeScript, Step Functions, Cognito, Amazon API Gateway
  • Infrastructure: Serverless Framework, AWS, Bash tooling
  • Architecture: Microservices, Event Driven, CQRS
  • Data Storage: Dynamo DB, PostgreSQL (AWS Aurora)
  • Tooling: Jira, GitHub, GitHub Actions, Launch Darkly, Retool, AWS

Duties and Responsibilities:

As a Senior Software Developer, you will play a crucial role in our software development teams, your duties include:

  • Software Development: Write clean, efficient code for web applications and APIs.
  • Problem Solving: Analyse and troubleshoot technical issues.
  • Database Management: Design and support simple databases.
  • Security and Compliance: Follow secure coding practices.
  • Documentation: Document code and decisions.
  • Continuous Learning: Stay updated on industry trends.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Communicate effectively with non-technical support, product teams and collaborate within cross-functional groups.
  • Coaching and Mentorship: Guide other developers through code reviews, pair programming, and knowledge sharing.
  • Advising Team Lead: Collaborate with team leads on technical strategies and solutions.
  • Refinement of User Stories and Tasks: Collaborate with team to clarify user stories and tasks for actionable development requirements.

The Person

At 3t our values of Innovation, Collaboration and Excellence are at the heart of what we do and reflect what is important to 3t, how we operate and fulfil our vision. We are looking for future colleagues who believe in the power of working together by being open and respectful, think creatively and dare to be different to find solutions and are dedicated, driven and passionate to strive for excellence. You will have:

  • Show Empathy: Understand perspectives of clients and colleagues, fostering connections.
  • Document Work: Maintain detailed records for transparency and team communication.
  • Exhibit Curiosity: Show genuine interest in project goals and innovative solutions.
  • Have a Team-First Mindset: Prioritize collective success over individual achievements.
  • Share Expertise: Contribute knowledge and insights, becoming a trusted advisor.
  • Strive for Growth: Continuously seek learning and development opportunities.
  • Be Challenged: Embrace challenges for growth and innovation.
  • Question Status Quo: Advocate for efficiency and excellence.
  • Demonstrate Initiative: Proactively engage in initiatives benefiting the team and organization

Pay: £45,000.00-£65,000.00 per annum

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